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Kathy has endless energy and she thrives on working with her hands. If she isn't in her shop working on pieces for Boom Dog Creations she can be found in her garden or doing something active. But when she's working, she's focused and smiling. There are two secrets to the beauty and style of Boom Dog Creations. First is the source of the rugged leathers and lovely embellishments Kathy uses in her pieces. The second is her eye, her ability to mingle items that may look like a cactus and a butterfly trying to be friends and end up with the grace and beauty of a cowgirl on her favorite horse.

Now we could tell you where Kathy finds all that gorgeous leather and stunning silver...but then we'd have to take you out to the deep desert and hope you'd take an awful long time to find your way back. But we'd rather be friends, so instead, just trust that after a lifetime of wandering the little known byways of the American West, Kathy has made friends and discovered places most of us will never know.

Lucky for you she's happy to share these jewels of the desert mountains with anyone who feels a connection with Boom Dog Creations. So come visit us at an upcoming Event or Contact Us for information on having Kathy design something custom, just for you.

Each piece is lovingly assembled. Kathy carefully tests each piece of leather to make sure it's still strong and supple. Then she trims it to the right size for the piece she's making. Thin pieces may become a Bootlet or a Dog Lead, thick ones may end up as a Wrist Cuff or a Dog Collar. Once she determines how she'll use the piece she begins sorting through drawer after drawer of vintage silver, rhinestone, turquoise and gemstone embellishments. This is the fun part. Kathy runs each piece between her fingers, some she considers for a moment, gently holding them against the leather, others she sets aside immediately. When she's found the right combination there is a flash of satisfaction and then she sets to work firmly attaching the elements together.

After Kathy has firmly affixed the unique embellishments to the leather piece she goes through the final steps of finishing the piece to ensure the Wrist Cuff, Collar or Bootlet is comfortable to wear, will stay on securely and looks its best. Boom Dog Creations pieces are finished with an up-cycled suede backing, a hang tag with a little information on the elements that went into the piece and of course, the approval of Boomer and Roxy.