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We'll keep you posted on our adventures as we travel the west to shows and our secret spots for sourcing the beautiful Western leathers and vintage silver and gems only Kathy knows where to find. Come back and visit soon!

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How Boom Dog Creations Began

Terra Reilly

A couple years ago The Pederson's lives changed in an instant. One day on the ski hill in Park City, Utah Kathy's husband Brad had a terrible accident. The doctors spelled doom and gloom for Brad but he and Kathy refused to accept the negative prognosis.

Kathy spent much of her career as a therapist working with people with traumatic brain injuries so in typical Kathy style she got to work helping the love of her life recover. They moved their permanent home from Las Vegas, Nevada Park City, Utah and Brad began to improve bit by bit, day by day.  

Brad is focused and to be honest, a bit stubborn. He was determined to get healthy and back to work.  His recovery was so miraculous that Kathy had free time on her hands. Kathy has boundless energy. She loves to work with her hands and is always tinkering or improving something. So naturally she found something to do that not only gives focus for her creativity and energetic spirit but that also brings joy to the people around her. 

A few pieces of Western leather in their closet, some silver conchos she had laying around and a visit to the leather crafting store for tools, in no time Kathy had created a collar for Boomer and begun the next chapter in her amazing life. 


Years later Brad has had an miraculous recovery and is back to work, Kathy works every day in her shop, faithful Boomer and Roxy by her side, waiting for her to finish her last piece of the day so they can go for a walk around Park City.